IQOS Heets Amber Selection



Heets Amber Selection

Amber Label cigars feature a distinctive, rich, acidic tobacco flavour with subtle nutty and woody undertones. Although the flavour is powerful and sour, it has a lovely aftertaste. The aroma and strong flavour of tobacco are both noticeable.

Users claim that it still emits a straw and has a faint woody odour. Some people’s aftertastes are nutty. They swiftly disappear from the shelves since they are well-liked by customers.

These sticks are the strongest and most effective for transmitting cigarette tobacco, making them appropriate for use by smokers. The most intense tobacco scent comes from Heets Amber. The aroma is the most overpowering.

People who transition to IQOS right away after are advised to consider the taste and strength level as well.


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