IQOS Heets Summer Breeze Kazakhstan



IQOS Heets Summer Breeze Kazakhstan

I adore menthol sticks in theory, but the first three puffs of these seem bitter.Fruity flavours can be tasted on the palate but they are not overpowering. The flavour is intriguing and appealing. The sticks’ aftertaste makes me crave mint gum with fruit.Additionally, its flavour generally reminded me of the flavour of fruit-flavored mint chewing gum. There are some floral notes, but they are hardly audible, therefore there is quite a bit of them.
They were pretty comparable to the Tropic sticks among the previously available sticks, but the taste was genuinely different. Additionally, these sticks have a more affordable analogue that nevertheless has a classic flavour.

Product Specifications:

  • 20 stick in a pack.
  • Ten packs are in a carton.
  • A single stick of tobacco contains 5.3 g of the tobacco combination, which weighs 250 g.
  • Beach Breeze Sticks HEETS for IQOS embody the joy and summertime romanticism of the season. It is very simple to identify the subtle fruity nuances that the scent reveals. against the minty coldness in the distance.

Everything is the same as it usually been, with the exception of the colour of the name of the stick’s flavour and the colours of the pack’s sides.


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